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A Novel and Hybrid Secure Digital Image Watermarking Framework Through sc-LWT-SVD


  • Department of CSE, Bharath University, Chennai 600073, India
  • Department of CSE, VBIT, Hyderabad, India


Background: In the recent internet world, the watermarking security dispute has incurring design challenges on watermarking techniques. This article has anticipated a robust and secure watermarking pattern, based on SC-LWT-SVD which is projected so as to challenge the numerous serious watermarking security disputes, i.e., copyright protection through encryption, unsanctioned interpretation, false positive recognition, and numerous prerogatives of tenure complications. Methods: Initially SC-LWT is accomplished to split the input values, in order to acquire approximate coefficients. The SVD is applied on LWT coefficients to originate singular constants. Findings: The proposed SC–LWT– SVD constructed watermarking arrangement is verified with numerous malicious and un-malicious outbreaks and the experimental outcomes illustrate that it comprehends the security prerequisites which resolves false positive detection and copyright protection. Furthermore, this pattern is deliberated to blind scheme. Application: The simulation model is accustomed to verify the viability of the anticipated pattern and its forcefulness in contradiction of numerous outbreaks and to link with some earlier systems.


Digital Image Watermarking, False Positive Detection, LWT, Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), Sparse Coding.

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