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Cloud Computing Security with Collaborating Encryption


  • Department of Computer Science, S.S.S.K.R. Innani Mahavidyalaya, Karanja(Lad), Washim - 444105, Maharashtra, India
  • Covenant University, Nigeria


The security of bigger data is the bottleneck in the encryption and decryption because of the big data size. The single encryption technique using one source is not adequate to accomplish the big data cloud computing security. This paper elaborates the working of cloud computing and the collaborating source security system for the Big Data security. A collaborating encryption technique framework is proposed in this paper to meet the futures' faster encryption requirements. The traditional information security system is not capable to provide the complete security during the cloud computing. The method described in this research comprises the parallel and distributed encryption system which gets the benefits the homomorphic encryption technique. The encryption facility during the mobile communication of object is tedious. Every cloud has its own security features and can be working in collaboration with the other cloud servers. Therefore, the parallel and distributed encryption facilities can be possible at every next door of other cloud without breaking the sequence of encryption process. The essential resources become the remote resources and the allocation of these resources can be managed at every cloud. Most of the time while working with the cloud computing is the availability of network and other resources. Providing the information security in the unavailability of resources during encryption and decryption is a difficult task. The collaboration encryption technique is a framework where, different clouds can work in parallel with the distributed processing. The security mechanism is improved by the homomorphic encryption.


Big Data, Cloud Computing, Collaborating Encryption, Encrypted Search.

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