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A Unified Seamless Transfer Control Scheme for Grid-Connected and Islanding Modes of Operation of Grid- Connected PV System


  • PG Student, EEE department, K L University, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objectives: This paper proposes a concept of micro-grid under smart distribution environment conditions with distributed generation resources like solar, wind etc. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: In present scenario, the importance of distribution sources is very high for maintaining the system reliability and also for providing backup generation under islanding condition and also as well as in grid-connected conditions. Findings: In this paper, a new control concept has been proposed for the seamless transfer who is based on Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) control for islanding and grid connected modes. In this paper the phase locked loop is used to maintain phase synchronization between grid and load voltages under grid and islanding conditions. And also, this paper proposes a current and voltage controller for stability analysis. The proposed method interfaces the PV system to the grid effectively. This proposed system is implemented and verified by using Matlab/Simulink. Applications/ Improvement: The proposed architecture is greatly beneficial for practical implementation of standalone and Islanded hybrid systems.


Grid and Islanding Conditions, Phase Locked Loop, Photovoltaic System, Seamless Transfer.

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