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Effect of Mechano Activation on Size Parameter of Aluminosilicate Rocks


  • Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shoukhov, Belgorod - 308012, Russian Federation


Background/Objectives: In this work the change of size heterogeneity of mechanoactivated aluminosilicate natural and industrial rocks is studied. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The following raw materials alumosilicates were used: Mukhor Talinsk perlite (Buryat Republic) as magmatogene-effusive rock; Honguruu zeolitized tuff (Yakutia) as sedimentary rock; Korkino argillite and gaize as by-product when coal production; Nizhne-Olshansk quartz sand. Findings: It is established the studied natural aluminosilicate raw materials have polymineral composition and contains significant quantity of amorphous silica. Differences in mineralogical and genetic characteristics of aluminosilicate rocks, amorphous phase content as well as previous heat treatment effect on variety of size parameters of raw when mechanoactivation. The kinetics of mechanical action on the raw material provided by enhancement of grindability, changing of granulometry as well as significant increasing of specific surface area is accomplished. The results obtained allow monitoring a size parameters of raw materials during mechanoactivation process. It is the important factor to improve reactivity of raw as well as optimization of grinding process. Applications/Improvements: The reasonability of application of aluminosilicate rocks to reduce the energy intensity at stage of raw preparation by grinding is demonstrated.


Aluminosilicate Raw Material, Aluminosilicate Rocks, Degree of Dispersion, Mechanoactivation, Size Heterogeneity.

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