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Methodological Approaches to Investment Management at Small Businesses


  • Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov, Belgorod - 308012, Russian Federation


Background/Objectives: The article deals with theoretical and methodological aspects of estimation of efficiency of innovation investment management at small businesses. Methods/Statistical Analysis: We have defined the essence of social and economic efficiency of innovative activity at small innovative business entities. We have also defined peculiarities of estimation of efficiency of own capital and borrowed capital, and dependence of estimation of investment efficiency on the type of innovation it is injected in. Findings: Study of management of investment processes at small business entities from the point of view of estimation of innovation investments revealed following: 1. From the point of view of a small company it is possible to talk about investment efficiency as well as about efficiency of investment management. At this, social and economic efficiency of investment activity of a small entity is significantly wider then positive indicators of monetary flows, as it assumes establishment of new enterprises and jobs, engagement of entrepreneurs into investment activity, increase of general level on investment activity of all business units. 2. Efficiency of participation of own capital in the project and borrowed capital can be different – this should be taken into account upon forecasting of parameters of innovation investments at a small business entity. 3. From the point of view of innovation investment management, management innovations are crucial, as all the other innovations are associated with them. Efficiency of management of investments into each innovation depends on the structure of innovation investment and share of investment into management innovations. Applications/Improvements: May be applicable in order to increase efficiency of decisions on management of innovation investments.


Capital Structure, Investments, Innovation, Parameters, Parameters of Investments into Innovations, Small Business.

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