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MEDMR: Fuzzy based Marginal Energy Disbursed Multicast Route Discovery for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


  • Department of CSE, Rayalaseema University, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objective: An ad hoc network is formed with set of nodes and each operated by limited energy level and able to connect and transmit to other nodes within the specified geographical range. To transmit data from source node to target it make use set of intermediate nodes with maximal life span and minimal energy consumptions such as Residual and Battery Deflection. Methods/Analysis: To achieve the route should have intermediate nodes with sufficient reserve energy resources and ability to transmit by minimal energy consumption without compromising at other quality factors like minimal end-to-end delay, maximum packet delivery ratio and minimal transmission. Findings: There is a lot of need to propose a new multicast Tree based model Fuzzy based Marginal Energy Disbursed Multicast Route (MEDMR) which uses a set of heuristics along with Fuzzy reasoning in discovering energy consumption for multicast route with maximizing life span for mobile ad hoc networks. Applications/Improvements: Performance metrics shown to its best like end-toend delay, packet delivery ratio and battery depletion ratio that were estimated with other fuzzy based energy efficient multicast routing for mobile ad hoc networks.


Battery Deflection, Energy Efficient, Multicasting, Opportunistic Multicast Range, Residual Energy.

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