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An Aircraft Health Monitoring System using IOT


  • Department of Electronics and Communication, School of Engineering and Technology, Jain University, Bangalore – 560069, Karnataka, India


Objectives: we are propounding an Aircraft health monitoring system using IOT. Which will send the health status in real time to the base station and also predict product reliability. Methods/Statistical analysis: Basically we are replacing a black box in an Airbus with this system which continuously sends all the parameters read and computed by the sensors on board to the base station using IOT. It helps to make better decision in critical conditions and to keep record for further analysis. This system will also predict life span of an electronic device by using prognostic health management method. Findings: This study results in an effective system which is more reliable, economical and secured as much as internet since the IOT platform is used. The propended system measures the health status in real time the same will be updated to webpage. Application/Improvements: The proposed system can be improved by using high speed and reliable internet connection in aircraft and by using wireless sensor will give better efficiency and reduced weight.


Black Box, Flight Test Instrumentation, IOT, Prognostic Health Management, Wireless Sensor Network

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