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Dual Authentication of a Human Being from Simultaneous Study of Palm Pattern and IRIS Recognition


  • Department of CSE, National Institute of Technology Agartala, Agartala, Tripura, India


Objective: The present study deals with a dual authentication of a human being from simultaneous analysis of iris pattern and single side of the palm of same person which is expected to form some basis in the dual biometric based authentication to avoid fraudulent activities. Methods/Statistical Analysis: For iris pattern matching, a thorough denoising by LOG Gabor filter of 7X7 dimension is used. Subsequently edge linking and iris boundary detection is carried out by local processing. For palm detection, in the current study the features of front portion of the palm are considered. The tool that will be used for the development purpose is MATLABR2016a, and emphasis will only be on the software for performing recognition. Findings: In the front side, the various mounts, creases, some deep uneven spaces and wrinkles in the human wrist are evaluated. The recognition rate for the human iris pattern has been observed to be around 95.5% while that of palm has yielded 91.99%. Application/Improvement: The aim of the study is to provide better social security and proper identification i.e. authentication of a particular person especially when one biometric is lost due to some severe accident.


Authentication, Human, IRIS, Palm, Pattern, Recognition.

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