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Image Fusion of Multi-Modal Images using Region Consistency Check and Blocking in Contourlet Transform


  • CHARUSAT University, CHARUSAT Campus, Off Nadiad-Petlad Highway 139, Changa - 388421, Gujarat, India
  • V. V. P Engineering College, Kalawad Road, Nana Mava, Rajkot - 360005, Gujarat, India


Objectives: The purpose of medical image fusion is to obtain more useful content from different imaging modalities. Region consistency check fusion rule is applied in Contourlet Transform with blocking methodology for better diagnosis. Methods: Here, features of Contourlet Transform along with Wavelet transform have been studied. Simulation experiments have been done on multimodality images. Two source images are decomposed into multi-resolutions by applying concept of Contourlet transform. Transformed coefficients will be integrated with a fusion rules. After that, CT with blocking has been applied. In blocking process similarity between temporary fused image and original image has been find out. Lastly best result has been considered using sign matrix. Finding: CT, which provides a good directionality than the others transforms. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of our proposed algorithm shows that using blocking in CT with region consistency check fusion rule gives more informative image. Novelty/Improvement: The results show that it is useful for enhancing medical imaging for medical diagnostics and analysis.


Blocking, Contourlet Transform (CT), Fusion, Region Consistency Check, Sign Matrix, Temporary Fused Image.

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