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Interface Protection of Smart Gridusing Static Relaying Scheme


  • SELECT/VIT University, Chennai Campus - 600127, Tamil Nadu, India


The penetration of Distributed Energy Sources necessitates the changes in the relaying schemes of protection system. Interface protection following a fault is critical to ensure the safety of servicemen. This paper proposes a static relaying scheme for interface protection. The voltage of the grid line will be monitored continuously, whenever the voltage reduces to a very low value rapidly then the MOSFET acting as an interface switch will be turned off through the ARDUINO processor. The proposed model for interface protection is tested using a simulation circuit developed in Proteus software. A hardware model is developed to test the technical viability of the new interface protection scheme and tested in different operating conditions. The test result shows that the interface protection is effectively working. The proposed method uses the simple circuitry with MOSFET and ARDUINO as major components. This makes the proposed method is simpler and the prototyping will be easier. The proposed method can be implemented in the real time power system with the addition of instrument transformers, rectifiers and higher rating switching devices. The micro grids with distributed energy sources can effectively use this hardware model for interface protection. Effective utilization of information and communication systems will further enhance the capability of the proposed method.


Distributed Energy Sources, Interface Protection, Islanding Operation, Smart Grid, Static Relaying.

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