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A Study on the Establishment of Policing Governance by Utilizing Big Data based on Cloud


Background/Objectives: This study is to confirm the possibility of crime prevention and response by analyzing crime data that is stored as separate database for each institution. This method has the advantage of faster and more accurate information sharing. Methods/Statistical Analysis: To this end, we first look over the link between Cloud and Big Data then present an efficient procedure for utilizing the proposed method by analyzing case studies of each sector in accordance with the establishment of Policing Governance. In the field of crime prevention concerning a crime, related with Policing Governance establishment. Findings: First, we collect the data related to the crime and the damage that is possessed by various agencies such as the police, criminal justice agency and others in order to expand the collection channel. Crime related data refers to the information of criminal identification, crime locations, time, and date that is possessed by public agencies, private organizations, and non-profit organizations respectively. Second, collected data is stored and categorized within each crime category in a Cloud zone for proper analyzation. Finally, analyzed data is sent to each agency for real time visual observation in need. Based on the integrated information analysis, patrols and security can be reinforced on the anticipated crime scene and time. As a result, crime prevention possibility can be enhanced through flexible operation of the police force. Application/Improvements: This is to diversify the collection channel and it also acts as a complementary measure for the disadvantages of existing system since it stores the data in a Cloud zone that allows easier access and usability. In terms of information utilization aspect, it is expected to be useful for solving and reducing crime as all the related agencies.


Big Data, Cloud, Crime Prevention, Data Mining Analysis, Policing Governance.

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