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State and use of Educational Technology: A Study of Colleges in Tamil Nadu, India


  • VIT Business School, VIT University, Chennai - 600127, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: The purpose of this research is to find the current state of using educational technology by teachers in higher education institutions. It also lists various reasons to which the teachers are not able to use educational technology in classrooms pertaining to infrastructural challenges. Methods/Analysis: The research used an online and paper based survey, where the college/university teachers responded to their use of educational technology in classrooms and their awareness about different tools. Data was collected from 19 engineering, 7 management and 8 arts and science colleges. A total of 328 teachers responded to the survey. Findings: The study shows the state of use of educational technology in colleges in Tamil Nadu. It draws upon the various infrastructural challenges that the teachers face on using technology in classrooms. Advanced trainings and follow ups are necessary to improve the present conditions. The teachers are provided only with minimum facilities on use of internet and computers. Application/Improvement: This paper makes a significant contribution to the lack of research pertaining to unknown problems of using educational technology in colleges and universities in India. It gives a clear picture why teachers do not use technologies in classrooms and also suggests solutions to infrastructural challenges.


Educational Technology, Higher Education, Teachers, Technology use.

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