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Cyber Security Issues in Connected Vehicle of Intelligent Transport System


  • Division of Information and Communication, Baekseok University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: Requirement for security and safety with interest and growth to C-ITS application is increased. It is needed to security threat issue and risk consideration in the connected vehicle environment. Methods/Statistical Analysis: For efficient communication assistance of connected vehicle, the understanding and access of WAVE mode such as CCH, SCH for multi channel and WSMP specification are preferred in control, communication and signal processing for cooperative intelligence transport system. In security risk assessment and debugging, it is applied to reviewing of source code, analysis and evaluating of compliance, fuzzing and conducting of vulnerability. Findings: Main objectives of this article are to see risk issue and cyber threats in connected vehicle of ITS. Understanding for issues of risk assessment such as debugging, fuzzing, real time application, evaluating of compliance, connectivity and computational performance are required. Also for build up security of ITS it should be established guideline of ITS security factors such as PKI, security architecture, cost and interoperable solution. Application/Improvements: The risk assessment and cyber threats are basically emphasized guideline of ITS security and safety in terms of cyber security procedure and security considerations.


Intelligence Traffic Security, Standard, Traffic, Vehicle Communication.

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