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A Study on Improvement of Fire Protection Systems based on Failure Characteristics accodrding to Yearly Variation in Old Commercial Buildings


  • Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention Engineering, Changshin University, Korea, Republic of


Background: Safety assessment of fire protection system is very important. Especially, Fire Protection system is central to minimizing damage to human lives and property. They're not in demand at normal times but are definitely needed in times of fire or other disasters. Concerns of performance loss or failure owing to yearly variation remain but the nature of fire protection system challenges users from detecting equipment failure or defects early on. Methods: This study sets a certain inspection score to defect probability, which is calculated by quantitative defect probability arising from yearly variation in fire protection systems by part of fire protection systems observed by time and use the score as the basis to determine replacement and inspection of parts. This study also aims at suggesting hazard calculation associated with aging based on criticality and yearly variation of fire protection systems. This method can realize active and quantitative management and the old fire protection system. Findings: Presented in this study Performance Assessment Tool allows a more effective replacement and inspection of firefighting equipment in structures and eventually calculate hazard of firefighting equipment performance in a quantitative manner, thereby serves as an effective diagnosis tool for maintaining and improving performance of aging firefighting equipment. Improvements: For improvements of this study, data on defect rate of fire protection systems should be recorded to deliver higher reliability and aging of fire protection systems arising from time variance should also be monitored by building detailed data to come up with a methodology that ensures reliable management.


Failure Characteristics Characteristic, Fire Protection System, Old Commercial Building, Yearly Variation.

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