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A Study on the Safe and Efficient Method of Transmitting Data in ZigBee Network


  • Department of Liberal Education, Semyung University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: The main purpose of this study is to find a way to improve the sliding window method which is used in ZigBee network data transmission. We focus on a process that gives a solution for solving a problem when there is a loss of data in the first stage and reduces unnecessary message which occurs because of power saving feature of ZED in non-beacon mode. This allows a safe and efficient data transfer in ZigBee network. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Among the data transmitted in sliding window method, only the first data includes the window size. As a result, when there is a loss in the first data, the receiving node cannot send out ACK message since it can't figure out the window size. Accordingly, the sending node cannot send out the following data. Therefore, we propose a method for including window size information in all of the data transferred. Findings: As the window size is included in every data, the receiving node has no problem in sending out ACK message even though the first data is lost. Also, the window size information can act as a Sequence Number for the received data, which makes it easier to identify the data which is lost in the transmission process. Data Request message refers to a message that informs other devices that ZED which has a Power Saving feature in the non-beacon mode is Power on. Data Request message is sent out whether it includes data for ZED or not. Devices that received Data Request message transfer ACK message to ZED. The core point dealt with in this paper shows that it is possible to reduce unnecessary message transmission by including Power On time information in the last ACK message of ZED. Improvements/Applications: This paper suggests a problem solving method for reducing unnecessary message transmission and data loss in the ZigBee network to enable safer and efficient data transmission.


Internet of Things, Window Size: Data Transmission, Wireless Sensor Network, ZigBee Network.

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