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Management of Supracondylar Femoral Fractures by Retrograde Nailing Technique: A Retrospective and Prospective Study


  • Melmaruvathur Adhiparashakthi Institute of Medical Sciences, Melmaruvathur – 603319, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: The goal of our study is to study the management of supracondylar fractures of femur by retrograde intramedullary nailing and its clinical and functional outcome. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: The study was done on patient with distal femur fractures. The patient ranged from 18–85yrs of age. Patient below 16yrs of age and Pathological fractures were excluded. All the patients were treated according to a protocol. Investigations were done, patient’s general condition was assessed and fitness for surgery was taken. Patients were managed by closed reduction and internal fixation under C-arm or by open reduction and internal fixation using tourniquet. Patient was followed with clinical and x-ray findings. Findings: Closed fractures managed by closed technique have a better result with significance. When compared between the shortening and surgical technique, the open reduction techniques are associated with more shortening compared to closed reduction technique and this appears to be statistically significant in our study. Conclusion: Retrograde intramedullary nail is a dynamic instrument and still persists as a major option for treatment of distal femoral fracture despite recent advances in the management of fracture.


Closed Reduction, Distal Femur Fracture, Open Reduction, Retrograde Intramedullary Nail.

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