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A Privacy-Preserving System based on Format-Preserving Encryption in Mobile Healthcare Environments


  • School of Computer Science & Engineering, Soongsil University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: The healthcare industry has been greatly grown based on the system such as EMR and HER. The objective is to prevent the privacy invasion in mobile EMR and HER healthcare environments. Methods: Token system is suggested to prevent the information used in healthcare mobile devices and it communicates with each mobile phone which operates as gateway as well as EHR and EMR. Findings: In this paper, healthcare device information token system is suggested based on the Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) in the mobile healthcare environment for preventing personal information from being infringed while preserving availability in order to solve an aforementioned issue. Application/Improvements: Format-Preserving Encryption techniques have applications in Fintech, EMR, HER, bank, and credit card company


Electronic Health Records, Format-Preserving Encryption, Mobile Health Care, Privacy.

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