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Development of HMD-based 360° VR Content of Korean Heritage


  • Department of Virtual and Augmented Reality, Namseoul University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: The purpose of this was to present production and detailed workflow of 360° VR contents systematically for some world cultural heritages of Korea. For methodology, VR content criteria and conditions were presented based on theoretical backgrounds of VR. Methods/Statistical Analysis: For the scope, production techniques and scenarios were derived for 360° imaging contents or heritage-related contents among VR platform contents provided by Oculus Rift, the most prominent platform for VR contents. On that basis, heritage VR content development plan and results were systemized. Findings: Regarding the results of this study, the study presented whole processes including VR content planning, scenario configuration, equipment preparation, shooting, latter part works using stitching, special effects (VRVFX), unity and unreal engine for Seosan Maae Samjon Bulsang (Rock-Carved Buddha Triad) through 360° shooting, and derived the following results. 1. Intelligent 360° VR contents are presented as the direction for future development, enabling simulation in heritage space through application of LBS (Location Based Service) and motion recognition technology (Kinect), etc. 2. Heritage 360° VR contents are developing into mixed contents integrating 360° images, interactive and mobile contents. 3. 360° VR images which have excellent compatibility can find wide range of applications even to different types of devices and 360° web. 4. HMD-based Korea heritage 360° VR contents are evolving into experiential information formative space. Improvements/Applications: HMD-based heritage 360° VR contents are developing into simulation, mixed realization, and informatization types and evolving into experiential information formative space, and therefore require systematic and detailed research.


Contents, HMD, Korea Heritage, Virtual Reality, 360° Video.

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