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Cloud based E-Learning, Security Threats and Security Measures


  • Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, University of Gujrat, Gujrat - 50700, Pakistan
  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Gujrat, Gujrat - 50700,, Pakistan


Objective: The purpose of this paper is to rectify the aspects that leads the acceptance of cloud based E-learning services and why it is plagued by security issues despite its numerous advantages and find out the possible solutions to the problems. So this study highlights the security threats with cloud based e-learning and the precaution acquired recently on those problems. Method: This paper used both theoretical and empirical studies. Empirical study is done by the information congregated using numerous cloud based e-learning solution vendors websites. On the other hand, theoretical study is made by examining several research articles linked to our theme areas. Based on this analysis it identify different security threats in cloud service delivery model through the object to recommend a solution in the procedure of security measures related to the cloud based e-learning. Projected practice certifies data availability and offers solution to secure essential data from the invaders. Findings: The project edupshot of this study is to highlight the vital security threats and concerns occupied on when executing the cloud computing for e-learning systems. We do attempt to exploit the security concerns that e-learners and the end-users of cloud based e-learning solutions desire to acquire it from the cloud based e-learning solution vendors. This study finds diverse security issues in cloud service by an object to advocate a resolution in the form of security dealings linked to the cloud based e-learning. Traditional E-Learning approaches are merged with cloud computing technology to give enormous benefits to the academic users but it compromises on security facets. This study of E-Learning advocate’s users to acquire the data in the cloud via a secured layer using the internet. Cloud based E-Learning is a way to lessen cost and density of data retrieving, which are handled by third party services. Improvements: The study does not explore negative aspects that may deject acceptance of cloud-based services. However, we have just discussed cloud computing and its service and have presented ways by which the present security issues in cloud computing can be resolved.


Cloud Service, Data Availability, Measures, Security Risk, Solution, Threats.

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