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Clinical Effectiveness of the Lateral Approach of the Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation using Different Gadgets with Simultaneous Implant Placement: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis


  • Assiut University, Egypt
  • Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt


Objectives: Help the clinician to choose between the newly introduced, specifically designed instruments for this procedure. Methods/Statistical Analysis: after thorough search of Cochrane CENTRAL and PubMed databases, the analysis was limited to clinical studies of the lateral approach sinus augmentation with simultaneous implant placement. Statistical Analysis: Comprehensive Meta Analysis version 2.2.048 software was used. Results: Eight articles were included in the review. Analysis of the formatted tables shows that the type of tool used in sinus lateral approach might affect the success of the procedure. Findings: There was a statistical significance difference of using the ultrasonic tips over the conventional use of rotary tips but it is not usually to be clinically significant; especially if a highly trained surgeon could perform the lateral osteotomy by any tool but the previous studies were highly supporting the ultrasonic tips over the rotary tips in reference to less traumatic surgery with minimal operative and postoperative complications. Application/ Improvements: Randomized clinical trials are needed to compare the newly presented tools like DASK and SLA reamers to properly asses their clinical effectiveness. Studies of patient reported outcomes are needed to clearly evaluate the cost effectiveness of each tool.


Augmentation, Implant, Lateral Approach, Maxillary Sinus, Simultaneous.

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