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Reduction of Salt and Pepper Noises from a Degraded Image Based on Fuzzy Techniques


  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Engineering and Management, University Area, Plot No. III - B/5, New Town, Action Area - III, Kolkata - 700156, West Bengal, India
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, UCSTA, University of Calcutta, Senate House, 87/1, College Street, Kolkata - 700073, West Bengal, India


Objectives: The present paper is concerned for removing the salt and pepper noises along with preserving the edge details of images from the degraded images. There are different techniques are available in literature for it with some merits and demerits. Methods: To overcome the demerits of some existing methods, we have presented a new technique based on fuzzy logic. The suggested technique is able to describe in two phases. In first phase, centroid defuzzification method is critically used for reducing the Salt and pepper noises and in second phase some techniques are used to preserve the different tiny edges of the degraded images. Findings: The proposed method tested and compared with some existing methods for 8-bit images of different percentage of noises. It gives the satisfactory result in terms of PSNR values and also preserved the different tiny edges. Here edges are computed by means of canny edge detector. Application: The suggested method can be applied to find the features of the images in medical imaging and in different industry.


Canny Edge Detector, Centroid Method, Fuzzy Logic, Membership Function, Salt and Pepper Noise.

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