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Advancement in Engineering Technology: A Novel Perspective


  • Gyancity Research Lab, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu - 180012, Jammu and Kashmir, India
  • Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar - 249411, Uttarakhand, India
  • Mahant Bachittar Singh College of Engineering and Technology, Jammu - 181101, Jammu and Kashmir, India


Background/Objectives: In this paper we will be discussing about the impact of technology on our daily lives. How everybody is dependent upon technology in one or other way. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Technology has played a significant role in the evolution of the society. Science has produced many new ideas but to harvest those ideas, technology is a must. With the huge requirement of engineering equipment's, the industry needs specialists who can manage and operate these technologies. Detailed information about the merits and demerits of technology is also mentioned in this paper. Findings: Technology has affected the environment on a great scale; in some cases, technology is even replacing human being or use of manpower. So proper counter measures have been mentioned, which can be used to control and limit harmful effect.


3 R’s, Advanced Technology, Computation, E-waste, Engineering.

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