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An Analysis of Soccer-Related Patents


  • Department of Sports Coaching, Jeonju University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: This research was conducted to analyze domestic soccer-related patents and to identify trends in patents for domestic soccer and make predictions about domestic soccer technology using statistical methods and data mining methods. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The analysis object data used by this study targeted domestic patents and utilities as 'soccer'-related patents. The period for the search was not subjected to any specific restriction. All patents registered, disclosed and expired were targeted in the process of collection and 185 patents ranging from year 1973 to 2015 based on the year of patent application were selected as analysis objects. Cluster analysis, association technology extraction and technology network analysis were used for statistical analysis. Findings: As a result, in soccer-related technologies, the technologies related to soccer footwear or robots are predicted as becoming significant technologies in the realm of off-line services and soccer game-related technologies are predicted as becoming significant technologies in the realm of on-line services. Application/Improvements: This study identified the relationships among the technologies of soccer-related industries and central technology clusters and patents. It is thought that the findings of this study can be used as basic data to make predictions about the technologies of soccer-related industries.


Association Technology, Data Mining, Soccer, Patent, Social Network Analysis.

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