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Effect of Consumer Value on the Brand Identification and Loyalty in Airline Service


  • Department of Airline Service, Seowon University, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: This study model was established to analyze the effect of consumer value on the brand identification and loyalty in the airline context. Methods/Statistical Analysis: 283 (94.3%) of 300 survey responses were collected and 13 cases (4.3%) were excluded due to the missing data as well as insincere answers. Final 270 cases (90%) were used as valid samples. The analysis of research model used SPSS 21.0 and AMOS 22.0 to analyze the frequency of the data and conducted examination on research hypotheses through structural equation modeling. Findings: The results of practical analysis were as follows. Hypothesis 1 that consumer value will impact on brand identification positively was adopted except for the sub-hypotheses 1-4. Considering them in detail, epistemic value (t value=4.806), conditional value (t value=2.283), emotional value (t value=3.371), and social value (t value=6.717) were adopted since they showed the significant t value (t value≧1.96). However, hypotheses 1-4 that the functional value will impact on the brand identification significantly were rejected because path coefficient was 0.077 (t value=1.384) which did not reach the significance level (t value≧1.96). On the other hand, the impact levels of consumer value on the brand identification were shown as the order of social value (0.527), epistemic value (0.451), emotional value (0.216), and conditional value (0.204). Therefore, the most important role on brand identification is social value. Secondly, hypothesis 2 that brand identification will impact on the loyalty positively was adopted since path coefficient was 0.350 (t value=6.669) and t value was within the significance level (t value≧1.96). Application/Improvements: Customers develop relations with the brand by satisfying the consumer value. Also, the fact was confirmed that modern consumers pursued emotional part more when they selected the products or services.


Brand Identification, Consumer Value, Loyalty.

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