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A Study on the Characteristics of Quality Elements of Consulting Service (using AHP Model)


  • Department of Knowledge Service and Consulting, Hansung University, 02876, Korea
  • Department of Economic, Hansung University, 02876, Korea


Background/Objectives: The objective of this research is to derive the growth factors and threatening ones by analyzing the factors for competitive advantage of the consulting firms and the consultants through AHP model so that they may be used in their strategic decision-making. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This study analyzed the priority order among the Quality elements through AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) analysis method after redefining the quality elements of Consulting service. The quality elements of consulting service mentioned in the previous researches were configured with SERVQUAL set as the default model. Findings: This study was intended to research the important indicators of the consulting services, by hierarchizing the service factors of each area after deriving the relative priority based on the existing researches on consulting service quality factors. By conducting the survey targeting 10 people involving in consulting business, a survey result of total six people was produced, excluding four people with CR values equal to 0.1 or greater. The results of compared analysis between 5 kinds of evaluation factors (Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and Empathy) of Hierarchy 2, the upper layer in the hierarchy of logistics performance factors and 20 kinds of assessment factors of Hierarchy 3, the lower layer of the hierarchy presented CR values less than 0.1 on all assessment units, that are to be trusted. As the research results, "Customer benefits" and ‘Professionalism of the consultants' were analyzed as important service quality factors. It can be confirmed that consulting services workers would attach the priority to the improvement of the expertise that could be recognized in the field of consultancy rather than the consultant’s appearance as an important factor in the quality of service. Improvements/Applications: Although suggest the priority by analyzing systematically the quality factors of consulting services, it has the limitation that the study subjects were limited to consulting workers. I would like to propose a comparative study in future research, viewed from both perspectives of the suppliers and the consumers with regard to the importance of the quality factor in consulting services.


AHP, Consulting Quality, Consulting Service, Quality Elements, SERVQUAL

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