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Effects of VMD Elements in Sports Product Fashion Stores on Customer Attitude and Product Purchase Intention- Centering around Chinese College Students and Sports Product Stores


  • Graduate School of Design, Tongmyong University, 428Sinseon-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, 48520, Republic of Korea


Background/Objectives: This study analyzed a relationship between consumer attitude and commodity purchase intention for VMD elements of the sports brand fashion stores in terms of Chinese female undergraduates, thereby having examined which significant influence the consumer attitude and the commodity purchase intention are given by a type & a commodity expression method in VMD elements and a development means in VMD elements. Methods/Statistical Analysis: For the empirical analysis, a questionnaire survey was conducted targeting female college students in Tianjin city of China during the period from May 1, 2015 to May 20, 2015. Totally 315 copies were utilized as the final analytical subjects. For the empirical analysis of this study, IBM SPSS Statistics 21.0 was used. To verify validity, a factor analysis of using the principal component was used. To inspect hypothesis of the research, a regression analysis was used. Summarizing the findings, they are as follows. Findings: Firstly, the findings for each grade represented that the lower grades were 162, 51.4% of the whole, and the higher grades were 153, 48.6% of the whole. The findings for each major represented that design related majors were 43.2% and non-design related majors were 56.8%. In addition, for the purchase place, the department store ranked the highest with 43.5%. Internet stores, brand shops, and flea markets ranked next in sequence. Secondly, a type and a commodity expression method in VMD elements and a development means in VMD elements had influence upon consumer attitude. Lastly, consumer attitude, a type and a commodity expression method in VMD elements and a development means in VMD elements had effect on commodity purchase intention. Applications/Improvement: This study will provide basic information for establishing proper VMD strategies in sports fashion stores. Moreover, it is expected to be useful data for the corporations which plan to establish sports fashion stores.


Consumer Attitude, Commodity Purchase Intention, Sports Fashion Stores, VMD Elements

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