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The Influence the Middle-Schoolers’ Career Path Anxiety has on their Psychological Well-Being: Focusing on the ModeratingEwffect of Ego-Resilience


  • Department Division of Liberal Arts and Teacher Training, Kwangju Women’s University, Korea
  • Department Social welfare, Hanil University, Korea
  • Department Rehabilitation Studies, WooSuk University, Korea


Background/Objectives: This research explores the influence middle-school students’ anxiety about their career path has on their psychological well-being, and proves the moderating effect of ego-resilience. Methods/Statistical Analysis: As supporting data, Y Office of Education’s 2014 Middle School Student Mental Health Survey on 2,951 third-year middle school students living in region Y was used. Multiple regression analysis including interactive term was performed to explore the moderating effect of ego-resilience in the relationship between students’ career path anxiety and their psychological wellbeing. Findings: Major findings from the research showed lower probability of psychological well-being as middle school students experience higher anxiety about their career path. Also, ego-resilience was found to have moderating effect on the relationship between students’ career path anxiety and their psychological well-being. Based on these research outcomes, integrating intervention and practical strategies are suggested to control career path related anxieties adolescents experience and ultimately to promote their psychological well-being. Ego-resilience alleviates problematic behaviors that result from stress, and improves the ability to active problem-solving. Educational and various supports are required to strengthen ego-resilience. Interpersonal relationship building skills can be improved through different hands-on activities and group activities, as individuals interact with persons from different environments. Improvements/Applications: The school curriculum should include hands-on activities such as psychological experiments which are geared toward intensifying ego-resilience to mitigate the anxiety adolescents have about their career path.


Career Path Anxiety, Stress, Ego-Resilience, Middle School Students, Psychological Well-Being

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