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A Method to Detect Data Stream Changes in the Wireless Sensor Network using the Gossiping Protocol


  • Master of Science in Software Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Department of Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Background: Due to the increasing volume of data, data models and identifying events that may lead to a lot of damage over time, identifying data changes has become an important issue. Methods: In this paper, first, sensor networks, their features and applications in various fields have been discussed. Then, data change algorithms and their properties are discussed. Next, algorithms concerning identifying changes in sensor networks are analyzed, and ultimately, an efficient way to detect environmental changes using the gossiping protocol is dealt with. Results: The purpose of this study is to optimize the propagation time of environmental changes among sensors, network loading concerning data volume transmitted between the sensors, performance efficiency of sensors and accuracy of detecting changes in the environment. Simulation results show that the proposed method (optimization of data stream changes identification in a wireless sensor network using the gossiping protocol) is better in comparison with other methods. Conclusion: The superiorities include reducing propagation time of environmental changes to sensors, data volume transmitted among sensors, the effect of low efficiency of a specific sensor on the performance of other sensors and increasing the accuracy of event identification.


Change Detection, Data Stream, Gossiping Protocol, Merger Decisions, Sensor Network.

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