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A Random Congestion Routing Protocol Based on Queue Latency and Link Reliability Estimation in MANETs


  • Department of Computer Science, Ravindra College of Engineering for Women Kurnool - 518002, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Rayalaseema University, Kurnool - 518007, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objectives: The increased usage of wireless network communication and service demands for better quality services. This paper proposed a Random Congestion Routing Protocol (RCRP) based on the node data queue latency and its link reliability estimation in a mobile ad hoc network. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Wireless QoS mainly depends on efficient data routing with minimum latency, but due to high mobility and low resources make it's unreliable. Another factor which highly impacts the wireless QoS is the network congestion, it causes due to the increase in data traffic for the various services usage and the complexity of the mesh network. So, it is very important to manage delivery latency and link reliability in the congested network for efficient data routing. The proposed RCRP support in achieving efficient data routing with minimum latency through Queue Latency Estimation (QL) and provides are liable link with low energy consumption through Link Reliability Estimation (LR). Findings: The integrated approach can effectively manage the congested network and can provide better throughput. The experiment evaluation result supports the improvisation in throughput with low end-2-end delay and energy consumption for the proposal approach.


Congestion Routing, Energy Consumption, Link Reliability, MANET, QoS, Queue Latency .

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