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Improved Searchable Encryption via Conglomerate Keys in Federated Cloud Storage


  • School of Computing Sciences, Vels University, Pallavaram, Chennai - 600117, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: Cloud computing is the sort of computing process that shares the data and its resources in the Internet. Data Leakage is the main challenge prevails in the federated cloud storage service. This challenge is overcome by proposing an efficient searchable encryption system. Methodology: An improved searchable encryption is designed to apportion the data among the multi-users. An efficient key management is the required phase of the encryption schemes. Owing to adversaries, a promising approach using conglomerate keys invents as a better searchable encryption schemes in multiowner applications. Findings: By reducing the count of trapdoor function to cloud data from the multi-user, an effective search over the encrypted data is performed. In compare to existing models, tree based approach and one to one function, the proposed, improved SE-CK works efficient in terms of lessened delegation ratio and conglomerate keys. Applications/ Improvements: This method can also be extended to the hybrid architecture like Indexing schemes, Re-encryption schemes etc.


Data Sharing, Data Leakage and Multi-Owner Applications, Federate Cloud Storage, Searchable Encryption, Trapdoor Functions

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