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Creating Distinct Strategies for Marketing Campaigns Enterprise Dadevarzan Virtual Corp


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Objectives: As a service-based economy emerging phenomenon in the business world, an important contribution of the service sector in the economy and considering the improvement of the quality of services. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Nowadays, organizations are obliged to survive the quality of their products and services so that they can consider their current customers happy and attracting new customers and revenue sources to ensure and increase. Findings: Since the marketing services dedicated to the important issue of marketing and with regard to the intangible characteristics of the services and the role of the proper relationship any more attention to the quality of communication with customers by service providers as an undeniable fact considered. Concepts of service companies, especially banks and financial institutions require that in order to create a positive relationship with your customers and take steps. In this article we create distinctive strategies for marketing campaigns Parsian Virtual Dadevarzan. Application/Improvement: In this paper, analysis of competitors and compare them with the company and assessment of opportunities and threats, as well as by examining the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy for have found it.


Creating Distinct Strategies, Parsian Virtual Dadevarzan.

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