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The Use of Empirical Software Engineering to Solve the Software Crisis


  • Department of Software Engineering, University of Isfahan, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Objectives: Like other sciences, software engineering needs to use physical models and follow empirical patterns in order to improve the software development cycle. Methods: The experiments conducted in the real world produce more acceptable (realistic) results than do methods such as surveys or interviews. Most software development projects, whether small or large, do not end in success. Results: This means that the software crisis has still remained unsolved and some software engineers have wrongly regarded the incorrect selection of methodology as the main cause of this problem and instead of finding a solution to the problem, they seek a proper methodology that can complete all software development projects successfully. Conclusion: We deal in this article first with the reasons for the success and failure of software projects and finally suggest a method to transfer experience.


Empirical Software Engineering, Methodology.

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