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Measuring Service Quality Dimension of Mobile Service Provider by University Student’s Perspective in Indian Scenario - A Structural Equation Model (SEM) Approach


  • Senior Assistant Professor, School of Management, SASTRA University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: This study focuses on customer preference to the Mobile phone Service Providers among the University students. In a shorter span, the usage of mobile phones has a drastic increase and that emerge new technology devices to innovated, but still the process of innovation have not stopped to make the user/consumer more sophisticated. The very frequency word which we heard from the mobile service provider is the offers. Methods/Analysis: This study shows the customer preference and loyalty mobile service provider as compared to others. The data will be collected through a structured questionnaire. Random sampling method was used. Findings: Due to more customized offers, add-on services makes the subscribers to shift from one provider to another and that leads to a solid rivalry among the mobile service providers. This study is to identify the student preference on mobile services. As the result shows that in various situations and from the SERVQUAL dimensions, influencing dimension for reliability is the responsiveness and empathy dimensions in way of staff’s willingness to help, promptness, politeness which helps the service providers to meet promises on time, providing correct information to the customers. Applications /Improvement: The scope of this research is based on the mobile phone industry and telecom industry and it throws light on the customer preference of Smartphone and telecom services usage among university students. The study has some limitation. The study concentrates only on the university students in Tanjavur and Trichy. Due to time constraints it is not possible to cover vast area. So that survey has limited scope for application in wide market.


Customer Preference, Mobile Service Provider, SERVQUAL.

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