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A Study on the Importance of Celebrity for Selected Product Categories in Karnataka


  • School of Management, SASTRA University, Thanjavur – 613401, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objectives: Advertising is one of the promotional tools for marketers. Marketers are spending huge money on advertisement worldwide. Celebrity endorsement plays a primitive role in advertising. Celebrity endorsement creates some impact on the buying decision of any customer. In India celebrities from cinema industry and sports are endorsing various products. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Iimportance of celebrity in urban and rural purchase of various advertisements for goods and service was studied. 555 people from various walks of life from Karnataka were included in primary data collection on particular produces and service about the various advertisements endorsed by Bollywood and sports stars, the analysis performed by descriptive statistics, percentage analysis, mean, standard deviation, one-way ANOVA, and Multiple Regression. Findings: The result reviles that celebrity endorsement is indeed useful to brand recall and sales of goods and services. In India, Celebrities play a vital role in the Ad industry and create both positive as well as negative impacts on various walks of life. Applications/Improvements: The results reveal that Celebrity can make remember few products, which indicate the perception about the public this can be encouraged by the advertiser to attract. As the industry is continuously growing the advertiser has to update cordially.


Advertisement, Celebrity, Celebrity Endorsement, Rural, Urban.

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