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Exploring the Possibilities for Improving the Performance of the Adapters used for Launching Multiple Small Space Vehicles on a Single Launch Vehicle


  • Omsk State Technical University, Omsk, Russian Federation


Background/Objectives: The research is aimed at determining the ways to improve the effectiveness of reconfigurable and extendable multipurpose adapters for multiple launch of small space vehicles by a launch vehicle. Methods: The structural design method is selected for studying design and constructive shape of the SSV adapters. The structural approach was used to define the principle for optimization of adapters of various constructive schemes, excluding modifications of launch vehicle used for multiple launches and enabling to extend and reduce adapter configuration with respect to a universal basic structure used for all tasks for SSV launch to be solved. Findings: To obtain quasi-optimal design and engineering parameters for the entire target set of tasks solved by the adapter, based on the structural approach we have considered design schemes of multi-purpose adapters for multiple and concurrent launching of SSVs of rod, shell, beam and platform types with side and end attachment configuration, the schemes with shock absorbers mounted in the places of adapters and MCAs installation, and scheme configuration combining adapter + small upper stage. The base and extension structures have been determined to form multi-purpose adapter with flexible and extensible design. As a result of the proposed technical solutions, weight of the adapter is reduced by 30%, configuration density is increased by 30-40 %, the number of the launched SSVs is increased, the fairing length and weight is reduced by 50%, root-mean-square amplitudes of accidental vibration decreased by 2.5-3 times, level of shock loads during SSV separation decreases by 6-10 dB, provision is made for shockless separation of SSV required lateral alignment of LV, cost reduction for ground and flight tests. Application/Improvements: Further improvement of the multi-purpose adapters is connected with the co-design of “Adapter + SSV” system, taking into account the mutual influence of design and engineering parameters of the SSV, adapter and LV used to launch them.


Adaptation, Adapter, Launch Vehicle, Launching Multiple SSVs on Single LV, Payload Fairing, Payload Area, Small Space Vehicle, Separation System, Turntable.

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