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Hierarchical Grammatical Tagging for Tinai (Landscape) of Cankam Tamil Literature


  • Sultan Idris Education University, Tanjong Malim, Perak, Malaysia


Tiṇai poetics from the ancient Tamiḻ literature has significantly contributed to the environmental literary theory. The ancient Cankam poets belong to pre-Christian era, known as Cankam poets, because of their involvement with Tamil literary academies. They had remarkable success in cultivating their creative minds with the rudiments of landscape, which they belonged to. These enshrined landscapes are known as Tiņai. The integration of Tiņai into the poems requires the poetics to pull their creative energy from the space that nature had allocated for everyone. They believed that poetry is way of communication and the images and metaphors in their poems develop from the natural subjects that may be deliberated as artistic objects. These natural objects consist of Mutalporuḷ, Uripporuḷ, and Karupporuḷ which determine the type of the tiṇai. This paper deals and suggests how to tag the Tamiḻ Kuriñci tiṇai system in Tag set structure.


Cankam Age, Karupporuḷ and Uripporuḷ, Mutalporuḷ, Tamiḻ, Tiṇai.

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