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Distributed Generation Operation in Micro-Grid by using Smart Distribution Systems


  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KL University Greenfields, Vaddeswaram, Guntur - 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objectives: This paper proposes a concept of micro-grid under smart distribution environment conditions with distributed generation resources like solar, wind and fuel etc. Methods: In present scenario, the importance of distribution sources is very high for maintaining the system reliability and also for providing backup generation under islanding condition and also as well as in grid-connected conditions. Findings: For meeting these limitations this paper proposes a new control structure called power-voltage- current controller. Basically, the main aim of these controller is to provide flexible and robust distributed generation operation control characteristics such as (a) control of active/reactive power (PQ) and dynamic power/voltage (PV) in grid connected mode. (b) To provide regulated power under micro-grid. (c) For providing smooth transients between islanding and grid-connected modes and (4) finally, this controller also concentrates on reduction of distortions/harmonics in proposed system which is caused by heavily non-linear loading conditions. Applications: The proposed architecture is greatly beneficial for practical implementation of standalone and Islanded hybrid systems.


Diesel Plant, Micro-grid, Islanding Mode, Power Quality, Solar System, Wind System.

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