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EdTAM: Efficient Detection of Theft Android Mobile


  • Department of Computer Science, Vels University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: This paper describes to improve the android mobile device theft tracking technique Methods/Statistical Analysis: The proposed framework uses SMS in offline, MMS in online and Camera (Front) to capture the picture. The user has to provide the alternative mobile number and email ID after installing the application. The application start working on its background and it check for the IMSI (SIM card) number, if the SIM changes and take the snapshot by using Camera and send the SMS to the alternative number without his/her knowledge. Findings: The SMS contains the new SIM number and we can track the mobile. GPS system is used to identify the location. Application/ Improvement: The existing technique that runs always in background which leads memory leak, but here the system will start whenever mobile instrument restart or change the SIM card and start works.


Global Positioning System (GPS), International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), Multimedia Message Service (MMS), Short Message Service (SMS).

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