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Comparison of the Performance of Hexagonal Grid and Half-cuboctahedron Grid Tensegrity Systems in Roof Structures


  • Department of Civil Engineering, SRM University, Kattankulanthur, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: To study and compare the behaviour of half-cuboctahedron grid and hexagonal grid tensegrity system. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: Ever since the discovery of tensegrity, most works have been concentrated on the classification and form finding techniques but very less on the mechanics of these structures. This study focus on the behaviour of two basic tensegrity modules, the half-cuboctahedron and hexagonal. Findings: Later, the study has been extended to tensegrity grids of spans 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 of both the configurations (hexagonal modules and half-cuboctahedron modules) which were developed using an FEM based software. The grids were compared on the basis of nodal displacements and member forces, resulting in the half-cuboctahedron grid to be a more feasible configuration for large span roof structures. Applications/ Improvements: The application of the tensegrity structure is to applied in the large span roof structures.


Form Finding, Half-cuboctahedron, Hexagonal, Member Forces, Nodal Displacements, Tensegrity.

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