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A Survey on Crypt- Algorithms in Voting System


  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology, Chennai - 600044, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Information Technology, E. G. S. Pillay Engineering College, Nagapattinam - 606611, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Adhi College of Engineering and Technology, Walajabad - 601206, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: Traditional voting process held at polling booths have been changed by merging technologies. Though voting system changed, the security provided was unfit to use it in real time. Thus this paper shows the result analysis of various crypt-algorithms to provide more security for voting process. Methods/Statistical Analysis: File Size, Upload & Download time, Efficiency, Memory usage, Speed, Throughput of various Crypt-Algorithm such as AES, RSA, ECC, Visual Cryptography, Blowfish were considered, compared and analyzed. So, we can obtain a better Crypt-Algorithm for Voting. Findings: A suitable Crypt-Algorithm for security which can give good performance in parameters like throughput, Average speed, etc.., was obtained in this survey. Application/ Improvement: Local Election, Data Transferred over network will be secure for various applications, useful for e-commerce software, used to secure passwords.


Android System, AES, Blowfish, Security, Vote.

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