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Phased-MIMO Radar for Improvement in Target Detection


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok - 737102, Sikkim, India
  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur - 713209, West Bengal, India


Objective: Advancement in radar technology is moved from single antenna based system to multiple antenna system. From the viewpoint of the radar performance improvement, analysis of low Radar Cross Section (RCS) target detectability in rich scattering environment is utmost important. Methods: From the perspective of the advancement of the radar signal processing, phased array radar and MIMO radar have been already explored. This paper deals with the phased-MIMO radar, exploiting coherence signal processing gain and waveform diversity. Joint combination of coherency and diversity will improve the radar performance. Improvements: This paper deals with the analysis on the trade-off between the coherency and spatial diversity. The superiority of phased-MIMO radar, over other two systems, has been presented with respect to some selected parameters as in this paper.


False Alarm, MIMO, Probability of Detection, RCS, Radar.

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