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E-Leveraging e-CRM for Future


  • School of Management Studies, Vels University Pallavaram, Chennai - 600117, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Berchmans Institute of Management Studies, St. Berchmans Autonomous College, Changanassery, Kottayam - 686101, Kerala, India


Background/Objectives: Majority of the banks are providing E-CRM services as a part of gaining the momentum and to enhance its competitive edge, where CSR can play a lot in leveraging E-CRM use among customers in future. ICT adoption makes a new mantra in retention and loyalty in private banks. This study as investigated different dimensions that contribute to make ECRM service quality and where CSR can play in leveraging ICT based banking in future. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Primary data is collected from customers of selected private banks in Kerala. The servequal Dimensions such as Tangibility, Assurance, Reliability, Responsiveness, Empathy in the selected banks are measured using the Delivery Gap Score. Findings: In all dimension of servequal and delivery gap model result indicates negative score reflecting customers of all the banks studied are dissatisfied and highest gap in service delivery is found in Reliability, Responsiveness and Assurance of banking services, where I CT adoption plays major role, in a state where 100% literacy is achieved the computer literacy rate as to be studied. Here CSR plays a major role in computer literacy and e-banking thus leveraging E-CRM. Application/Improvement: Private Banks in Kerala where 100% literacy rate and huge number of NRI population is present. Banks make efforts to update and compete itself with international players by the adoption of ICT&E-CRM technologies to increase its customer base, retention and profit. The banks have to concentrate on minimizing delivery gaps and utilize its CSR for giving computer literacy and e-banking lessons to leverage its E-CRM usage for future


CSR, Competitiveness, CRM, Customer Service, E-CRM, ICT.

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