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A Study on Drivers and Barriers of Consumer Adoption Towards E-Commerce Offerings for Education


  • School of Management Studies, Vels University, Chennai – 600117, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objectives: Information Control Technology (ICT) keeps undergoing transformational changes. Thereby educational institutions leveraging the e-commerce offerings by various e-commerce companies and those developing in house online learning have to travel along an evolutionary path. For this transformation to be successful in the benefit of all stakeholders, it's important to understand the drivers and barriers as to why the learners and instructors adopt the e-learning or hybrid models. The study investigated the drivers and barriers that influence the adoption of various online offerings from e-commerce companies for the purpose of education. Method/Analytics: Simple random sampling has been applied for the research to collect the required sample. Data were gathered from about 100 respondents circulating a well-structured questionnaire. Application/Improvements: Although e-commerce has a proliferated growth with the explosive growth in ICT, there has not been sufficient research concerning the status of adoption and the factors influencing its adoption. This study provides valuable guidance to policy makers and providers of e-commerce in education in understanding the drivers/barriers of consumer adoption. Findings: Majority of the consumers are pushed towards adoption due to time saving aspect while lack of required technical skills stands out as major barrier.


Barriers, Consumers, Drivers, E-Commerce, Instructors, Information Control Technology (ICT), Learners.

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