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Exuberance Due to Celebrity Endorsement on Brands: A Product Categorical Study


  • Department of Management Studies, Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Vels University, Chennai - 600117, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objectives: The article aims to conceive on how celebrity endorsement for products affects the life style of any ordinary individual in a society thereby undergoes a little stress while making a decision in choice of purchase of a product. Method/Statistical Analysis: The structured question was administered to the respondents - buyers. A total of 200 questionnaires were distributed out of which 172 responded and were taken as samples. The paper analyses which product is highly affected on purchase due to celebrity endorsement. SPSS Statistics 17.0 version is used for data analysis. A multiple regression was run on 5 major products like: Jewel, Cosmetics, Food&Beverages, Electronic gadgets and Vehicles against independent variables like: 'Reach of Brand', 'Brand Recall', 'purchase opinion', and 'Trust' to understand which variable highly affects the purchase decision of particular product. Findings: The model depicts that chance of purchasing Jewel, cosmetics, Food and Beverages and electronic gadgets depends highly on 'Brand reach due to Celebrity Endorsement' but for purchasing of vehicles it depends on 'Purchase opinion due to celebrity endorsement'. Application/Improvement: A message is conveyed to the marketers to make the brand reach buyers by the use of celebrity endorsements especially in case of Jewels, Cosmetics, Food&Beverages and Electronic products. Whereas in case of Vehicles, buyer behavior towards celebrity endorsement has great impact on buyer to purchase the vehicles.


Brand Recall, Brand Reach, Celebrity, Endorsement, Purchase Decision, Trust.

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