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Patient Monitoring and Spontaneous Alerting System using ADT


  • Department of ECM, KL University, Green Fields, Vaddeswaram, Guntur - 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India


Background/Objectives: Delay in communication between patient and doctor would lead to loss of patient's life. To overcome this problem, we have designed a prototype which reduces the delay by identifying the available doctor automatically. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Maintaining the database and mobile App are the key factors while monitoring the patient. Findings: In this paper we have designed a prototype with a set of sensors implemented on the patient's body and the data collected from sensors is then sent to the mobile. We have used a mobile app to display his/her temperature, BP, and heartbeat. The mobile is connected to the server and the whole data is updated in the server. To alert the doctor, we used the GSM module for sending the message. Whenever the patient's health is in critical condition, the doctor can react immediately and visit the patient. Applications/Improvements: With this prototype, we can monitor all the patients in the hospital and their records are stored in the database. Whenever we require a particular patient's details we can retrieve the records in the server.


Android Development Tool (ADT), Blood Pressure Sensor, Heartbeat Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Patient Monitoring.

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