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Automated Efficient Traffic Control System in Real Time Applications


  • Master of Technology in Embedded Systems, Department of ECM, KL University, Guntur - 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India


Background/Objectives: This paper offers a clear traffic control system to pass emergency vehicles easily. In this paper to accomplishment the raise of current innovation called Automated Efficient Traffic Control System: waiting time of emergency vehicles and also used to control the traffic lights. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This makes the utilization of Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID). This makes it very tough to take away or get broken. We use RFID readerTK-5530, and PIC16F877A. A device Micro-chip to take a gander at the RFID Tag related to the vehicle. Findings: If RFID tag takes a look at fits in with the stolen automobile the Information is transmits the usage of GSM SIM300 to the police manager further, whilst ambulance is coming near to the intersection, it will touch to activity controller inside of the intersection switch on the unpractised light. Conclusion: The module makes utilization of Zigbee detachable on CC2500 and PIC16F877A. Device Micro-chip for remote correspondences among the rescue vehicle or visitor controller. It is used to sense ambulance in multidirectional and also sense the ambulance to reach the junction to junction communication with the priority of the vehicle.


Ambulance Detection, Data Collection of Vehicles, Micro Controller based System, Traffic Management.

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