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Face Recognition and Detection from Group Photograph


  • Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, K L University, Guntur - 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India


Background/Objectives: Face recognition has become a challenging and fast growing area in real time applications. The paper deals with recognition and extracts the single person face from the group photograph. It becomes the next generation technology. Methods/Statistical Analysis: skin detection algorithms is performed to recognize the face and extract the features. Grey Level Co-occurrences Matrix Technique were used to analyse the feature. Findings: We proposed a system for face recognition and detection. Face is extracted from the input image using detection algorithm. Binary distance helps to locate the bounding box limits. GLCM technique helps to extract the grey scale properties from the input image. These properties are compared to the database to identify the person. Application/Improvements: The accuracy rates can further be improved by considering various factors like pose, expressions etc.


Color Analysis, Detection, GLCM, Recognition.

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