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Design of Novel Miniature E-Shape Koch Fractal Antenna for Multiband Characteristics


  • SRM University, Chennai - 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


In this study, the new E-shape fractal multi-band antenna with Koch fractal structure is presented. Omni-directional radiation pattern and better radiation characteristics is achieved by E-shape rectangular patch. Space filling and self-affine property of Koch fractal structure is applied to achieve the compact size and multi-band characteristics. The antenna had the compact size of 44*22mm3 and antenna printed on Rogers_RO4003 with 1.2 mm thickness. The proposed E-shape Koch fractal geometry is flexible in optimizing the bandwidth and resonance. Various factors such as radiation pattern, polarization, directivity, gain and bandwidth for the proposed antenna is simulated. The proposed E-shape Koch fractal antenna resonates at 1830MHz, 2.83GHz, 5.15GHz and 7.70GHz for DCC, WiMAX, WLAN and C-band applications respectively with broad bandwidth.


E-shape Koch Fractal, Multiband, Miniature, Novel, WLAN Antenna, WiMAX Antenna.

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