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Adaptive Data Mining Approach for PCB Defect Detection and Classification


  • Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Bangalore University, Bangalore - 560056, Karnataka, India


Objective: To develop a model for PCB defect detection and classification with the help of soft computing technique. Methodology: To improve the performance of the prediction and classification we propose a hybrid approach for feature reduction and classification. The proposed approach is divided into three main stages: (i) data pre-processing (ii) feature selection and reduction and (iii) Classification. In this approach, pre-processing, feature selection and reduction is carried out by measuring of confidence with the adaptive genetic algorithm. Prediction and classification is carried out by using neural network classifier. A genetic algorithm is used for data preprocessing to achieve the feature reduction and confidence measurement. Findings: The system is implemented using MatLab 2013b. The resulting analysis shows that the proposed approach is capable of detecting and classifying defects in PCB board.


Classification, Data Mining, Feature Selection, PCB Defect.

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