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Microcontroller Based Multihead Weigher


  • Embedded Systems Division, School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: This paper aims at designing a system of 5 hoppers where sum of weights is calculated for each combination of 3 of 5 hoppers. When any sum equals target weight then hoppers responsible for that sum will be drained to the packaging system. Methods: A multi-head weigher is a weighing machine which is fast, accurate and reliable. It is used for packing both food and nonfood products. The multihead weigher continuously feeds product into array of weigh hoppers. The computer system determines which combination of hoppers is matching most closely to the target weight. Then these hoppers release their contents into the packaging machine. Findings: Industrial grade microcontroller is used for the decision purpose. The results shows the feasibility of using multihead weigher for fast and accurate packaging operations. Applications/Improvements: The proposed technique is useful in the parallel weighing machines. It has wide applications in the packaging systems.


Hopper, Microcontroller, Multi-head Weigher, Packaging System.

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